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colors.inc Texture Collection

This collection houses example Povray 3.6 renderings for all the colors found in the Povray 3.6 colors.inc shared include file. The colors.inc include file contains 130 colors. This collection is a great visual reference when looking for a color for use in Povray renderings. The colors.inc collection was constructed using this PHP script and this Povray file.

Red Green Blue Yellow
Cyan Magenta Clear White
Black Gray05 Gray10 Gray15
Gray20 Gray25 Gray30 Gray35
Gray40 Gray45 Gray50 Gray55
Gray60 Gray65 Gray70 Gray75
Gray80 Gray85 Gray90 Gray95
DimGray DimGrey Gray Grey
LightGray LightGrey VLightGray VLightGrey
Aquamarine BlueViolet Brown CadetBlue
Coral CornflowerBlue DarkGreen DarkOliveGreen
DarkOrchid DarkSlateBlue DarkSlateGray DarkSlateGrey
DarkTurquoise Firebrick ForestGreen Gold
Goldenrod GreenYellow IndianRed Khaki
LightBlue LightSteelBlue LimeGreen Maroon
MediumAquamarine MediumBlue MediumForestGreen MediumGoldenrod
MediumOrchid MediumSeaGreen MediumSlateBlue MediumSpringGreen
MediumTurquoise MediumVioletRed MidnightBlue Navy
NavyBlue Orange OrangeRed Orchid
PaleGreen Pink Plum Salmon
SeaGreen Sienna SkyBlue SlateBlue
SpringGreen SteelBlue Tan Thistle
Turquoise Violet VioletRed Wheat
YellowGreen SummerSky RichBlue Brass
Copper Bronze Bronze2 Silver
BrightGold OldGold Feldspar Quartz
Mica NeonPink DarkPurple NeonBlue
CoolCopper MandarinOrange LightWood MediumWood
DarkWood SpicyPink SemiSweetChoc BakersChoc
Flesh NewTan NewMidnightBlue VeryDarkBrown
DarkBrown DarkTan GreenCopper DkGreenCopper
DustyRose HuntersGreen Scarlet Med_Purple
Light_Purple Very_Light_Purple

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