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metals.inc Texture Collection

This collection houses example Povray 3.6 renderings for all the textures found in the Povray 3.6 metals.inc shared include file. The metals.inc include file offers several brass, silver, copper, and chrome textures with various finishes and color tones. The collection is a great visual reference when looking for a metal texture for use in Povray renderings. The texture collection was constructed using this PHP script and this Povray file.

T_Brass_1A T_Brass_1B T_Brass_1C T_Brass_1D T_Brass_1E T_Brass_2A
T_Brass_2B T_Brass_2C T_Brass_2D T_Brass_2E T_Brass_3A T_Brass_3B
T_Brass_3C T_Brass_3D T_Brass_3E T_Brass_4A T_Brass_4B T_Brass_4C
T_Brass_4D T_Brass_4E T_Brass_5A T_Brass_5B T_Brass_5C T_Brass_5D
T_Brass_5E T_Copper_1A T_Copper_1B T_Copper_1C T_Copper_1D T_Copper_1E
T_Copper_2A T_Copper_2B T_Copper_2C T_Copper_2D T_Copper_2E T_Copper_3A
T_Copper_3B T_Copper_3C T_Copper_3D T_Copper_3E T_Copper_4A T_Copper_4B
T_Copper_4C T_Copper_4D T_Copper_4E T_Copper_5A T_Copper_5B T_Copper_5C
T_Copper_5D T_Copper_5E T_Chrome_1A T_Chrome_1B T_Chrome_1C T_Chrome_1D
T_Chrome_1E T_Chrome_2A T_Chrome_2B T_Chrome_2C T_Chrome_2D T_Chrome_2E
T_Chrome_3A T_Chrome_3B T_Chrome_3C T_Chrome_3D T_Chrome_3E T_Chrome_4A
T_Chrome_4B T_Chrome_4C T_Chrome_4D T_Chrome_4E T_Chrome_5A T_Chrome_5B
T_Chrome_5C T_Chrome_5D T_Chrome_5E T_Silver_1A T_Silver_1B T_Silver_1C
T_Silver_1D T_Silver_1E T_Silver_2A T_Silver_2B T_Silver_2C T_Silver_2D
T_Silver_2E T_Silver_3A T_Silver_3B T_Silver_3C T_Silver_3D T_Silver_3E
T_Silver_4A T_Silver_4B T_Silver_4C T_Silver_4D T_Silver_4E T_Silver_5A
T_Silver_5B T_Silver_5C T_Silver_5D T_Silver_5E

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