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Random List Sites


POV-Ray Community

  • Internet Raytracing Competition - Great place to look at what people are up to and what's being done. Several folks post their Povray source code.
  • IRTC Stats Page - JC has compiled all the IRTC statistics and made them available in a web-accessable form.
  • POV-Ray Wiki - The unofficial POV-Ray wiki



  • Huge Examples Library - This web page's author has managed to put together an impressive collection of example images and provides the .pov source to regenerate them yourself.
  • Landscape Of The Week - Christoph Hormann (who did the Realistic Water tutorial below), has been running a Landscape Of The Week project. Interesting stuff.
  • No Lights - Tim Nikias' website. He's got several good commentaries on how his images were created - must reading for the Povray fan.
  • Oyonale 3D Image gallery - 3D Renderings by Gilles Tran
  • The Persistence Of Ignorance - Jaime Vives Piqueres's Povray website

Objects, Textures, and other Resources

  • Mayang's Free Textures - Another great texture library with a more liberal licensing terms. Use 'em all you want, just don't sell them or redistribute large batches.
  • Paul Bourke's Texture Library - This is a great resource for finding textures for scenes.
  • The POVRay Objects Collection - A collection of mostly CSG objects. Lots of variety, though several are for Povray 3.1 and may require porting to 3.5.

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