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The image gallery hosts some of my ray-tracing work. There are 3 shots per page. Most are 320x240 thumbnails linked to a more detailed 800x600 image.

Three Spheres
This image was to be my July-August IRTC entry but I didn't submit it in time. Since the topic was minimalism, I used this as an opportunity to focus on developing nuances in the textures, radiosity settings, and the sky_sphere background. It was worth the effort. The aspect ratio tutorial was based on my efforts to get this image to feel right. Rendered in Povray 3.6.
Posted: 09/17/05
Last Change: 09/17/05
I'm diving back in after the house-buying raytracing hiatus. The tetrahedron is a blob made of 6 cylinders with the math coordinates pulled from the Math Help website. The copper and chrome coloring are from the metals.inc include fle. Rendered in Povray 3.6 and written by hand. This is my new wallpaper at the office!
Posted: 06/07/05
Last Change: 06/07/05
Glass Glob Ring
Just playing around here. I got good use out of the glass.inc include file. If you look carefully, you'll see clouds reflecting off the glass. Rendered in Povray 3.6
Posted: 02/18/05
Last Change: 02/18/05
Snowy Tree
This work was an attempt to get comfortable with Arbaro and the trace macro function. I was most pleased with the tree branch shadows on the snowy ground. This was rendered in Povray 3.6
Posted: 01/15/05
Last Change: 01/15/05
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